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thebotwithnoname asked:

This is a message to all bots may be listenin'. Been trackin' a 'Con by the name of Panzerwreck for some time now. Finally caught up with him on this big blue ball the locals call Earth. Now, I'm in the market for work. I got my own boat. Call her Cass. Got guns too, and I know how to use 'em. You got a job? I can do it. Don't much care what it is.

((The group denied me. Am I still allowed to rp with you?)) 

cybertronunderground asked:

We have reviewed your application but your character has been denied. The mods came to the conclusion that a hot air balloon is not a suitable alt-mode. We suggest changing it to another alt-mode then resubmitting. If you need assistance, the mods can give a few suggestions since we know coming up with an alt-mode isn't easy.

Oh, I only joined because I had a pre-existing OC. Never mind then ^ ^

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